Conversational English lesson

How many times have you taken English lesson in which you study what you already know? I’m sure that many, in general we teach what you learned since you were in junior high school, and to study that again is not a bad idea, reviewing is good if you don't want to forget it, but how about to put in practice that knowledge you've already acquired? That’s even better! however opportunities to do so are few. That’s why I implemented the “Conversational English lesson", in this one we talk about any issue of your interest, the subject won’t be the main, the most important will be that you get the confidence to have a more fluent conversation, more than be teaching you English, You’ll be reinforcing to what you have learned before, in other words you will be practicing English and practicing means learn and improve what you already know. Whatever the topic, you'll be giving me your ideas and I'll give you mine. That will be like chatting with a friend or be doing business with a counterpart, just that the whole conversation will be using only English, and since this conversation no need a whiteboard, books or dictionary, we can have it at any place you like, coffee-shop, restaurant, bar, your house, my classroom, or whatever the place you feel more comfortable, even in a park when sunny days. Only one requirement is needed.
 Your English must be at least middle level, so that you can hold an easy chat. First let’s have a trial lesson, it'll be free!

・When appointing for this lesson, please mention that is about the “Conversational English Lesson".
・Conversational English lesson can be private lesson or class lesson.
・Every time you want to have "conversational English lesson" you must book it ahead of time.
・Charge will depend of the time lesson last (at least one hour 3500yen), sundries are covered by the student or group.
・Place (only Osaka and Kyoto area) and time to have the lesson must be schedule according to the best convenience of teacher and student.
・For further Information contact via email at Roswalle’s Website