Christmas countdown!

Okay okay, so, today technically we start the twelve days of Christmas countdown. So how will we count those days? With cookies!? No way!! but with parties!.. yes! that's right celebrating fabulous Christmas for each day leading up to the holiday can be wonderful whether your are with family, friends or attending to the so called "enkai", you must enjoy this Christmas the best you can! Lets's have a great Christmas party.
 Good idea! isn't it!? Don't miss the chance ending up this year without learning or improving your second language! See you!

glass or cup!?

A few days ago one of my students ask me the difference between glass and cup, at that time I just gave him a glib answer, saying that generally we differentiate glasses from cups based on their shape, so we can say that there are glasses that are made not only from glass but also from paper or plastic, as well as there're cups not only used for hot drinks but also for cold drinks as well as for taking measures. I could keep on telling examples like; there are cups also called mugs because they're usually bigger and heavier than regular cups which are lighter, like glasses but that can be used for both hot and cold drinks while glasses are generally used only for cold drinks and so on.. But I'm not going to go so deep in to that, like I say simple is best, and as well as you get through with basic and simple vocabulary there's no need to worry about complicated and unnecessary details, so I'm gonna say just what I told to my student at class "The difference between glasses and cups are based on their shape" and that's it, you named as you feel ease at that moment, the most important is to communicate smoothly and not to intricate in small details. Instead I'd like to talk of something more interesting as could be "wine glasses or cups for wine".
  Consider glassware. Seriously, it's something every wine lover needs. Considering that we tend to break glasses on a regular basis, even if we started the year with a full cupboard, there is always a time to replenish our supplies. So what kind of glasses should you buy for your wine lover? That's an interesting and somewhat complex question that I can only begin to answer. So let me tell you what kind of glasses you can buy for me! To begin with, I generally use only two styles of glassware: Burgundy and Bordeaux, as they are roughly known. I don't see the need for specific glasses for Syrah, Chianti, Viognier and Ripple, though you could probably find one for each. So here I found this video that is as good as hilarious, I'm sure you'll get a good time watching it and at the same time you'll get some good tips on what to look for and what to buy when shopping for glassware this holiday season.
 Check it out!      
 Cheers! And Marry Christmas!