The credit and blame words in Japanese.

Recently I've got to my mind a set of words such as recognition, responsibility & reproach. In Japan there is a great number of phrases in which "credit and blame" are embedded right in to the language to asses who is responsible for what happened as well as how the speaker feels about it. The magic words amount others are "Kureru,ageru,Morau,itadaku,saseru,etc". Tagging on these verbs lets the speaker know who should get credit and who should feel thankful for the beneficial action. In the Japanese language these words are often requisite in a natural-sounding Japanese, but in these peculiar forms of expression there is implicit who might be supposed responsible or who is been benefited for something that has been done or said.
As for me, I've got to tell you that as my Japanese improves I've gotten to use more and more these "beneficial words", nevertheless I don't really feel I'm giving some credit to my interlocutor or I'm getting some kind of favor from him, I guess I've increased the use of these words just because I feel that makes me sound more natural when speaking Japanese. They of course doesn't have a counterpart or matching expression in other languages I know (Spanish and Italian beside English of course), we tend to say things or to praise straightforwardly when the situation requires it. Perhaps in English the nearest approximation is with the use of the preposition "on" for example the translation of "Mr. Tanaka ga ame ni furareta " could be "Mr. Tanaka was rained on" but this is an exceptional situation, besides there are more natural expression in English as it could be "Mr. Tanaka got wet or got soaked", I would recommend to stop trying to translate these "credit and blame"words when speaking English and get hand of a new phrase-vocabulary to clearly express what you want to say.

English may be difficult for some Japanese people but you have not idea of how difficult Japanese language could be when it comes to understand not just its words but the nuance hidden in them.
 Good Luck! See you again Bye!