TOEIC test.



Every lesson will be a TOEIC test study of many of the phrases that content the real TOEIC test, with help of already constructed sentences and help of Roswalle you will see in few time, the great improvement in listening and pronunciation of your actual knowledge of English. Your current “Japanese English” pronunciation will be change to the real American English speaking way. You’ll acquire natural English that will help you to understand what a native English speaker say, and so you’ll be able to have a fluent English conversation with anybody. On top of that your TOEIC test score will go up!!
The content of each lesson will be according to your previous TOEIC test score examination result. Once that your English will be enhanced you’ll feel confident to challenge a new score on the TOEIC test.
The course is divided into three target scores. It corresponds also to the improvement that aims at;

TOEIC test 470 points.
TOEIC test 650 points.
TOEIC test 730 points.

The form of study is setting questions of TOEIC test which was changed to a new version opening to the public in May, 2006. The big change point is basically making the problem sentence and the long sentence with an increase of the pronunciation variety.
In other words what actually makes difficult the test is the difficulty in understanding the native pronunciation, therefore this course is basically focused in the listened and pronounced language skill improvement, however reading, vocabulary and grammar can also be often study when necessary.
This lesson allows you to be flexible in setting your own schedule and location (Osaka or Kyoto).
You can also choose the day of your lesson and the number of lessons you want to have and by the time you feel confident enough a practicing test will be provide you.
Definitely this is the best way of improving your communication skills and gets a better score on your next TOEIC test.
 You don't have to follow school or office policies or use textbooks. I’ll teach you the basic and easy way. All you have to do is complete the quick on-line mail form for an appointment and in the first meeting I’ll tell you more about how easy and quick it could be. I hope to here from you soon. Bye!